University of Oxford Oxford Thinking and Doing

Communications from universities around the world tend to be tediously generic: students socialising or staring at laptops, professors looking professorial, ancient buildings rubbing shoulders with modern campuses, so our approach was to break the stereotypes…


Behind the formalities of academia
Instead, we created infectious and surprising stories with mischievous photographs that created intimate encounters with the idiosyncratic personalities we met at Oxford.

The joy of philanthropy
Ian Edwards at More Partnership first introduced us to the University of Oxford who were determined to raise £1 billion from alumni to fund research. To generate positive feelings about philanthropy the campaign needed to be emotional, intellectual and practical, so we named it Oxford Thinking and Doing.


Our target

Encouraging alumni to fund vital research.


In total

Our work formed part of the most successful higher education fundraising campaign ever undertaken in Europe.



Each with their own quirks.


Surprising moments

Captured through the lens of Matt Stuart and the illustrations of Paul Davis.

Vivid moments
Oxford Thinking and Doing is about moments of life. The combination of Matt Stuart’s quirky photography, Tom Lynham’s ticklish writing, illustrations by Paul Davis, and the identity designed by NB Studio created vivid snapshots of professors and alumni evoking their vocations. It’s a joyous campaign that exceeded its financial targets.

This was part of the Oxford Thinking Campaign, the largest and most successful ever fundraising campaign for higher education in Europe, which raised £3.3 billion from more than 170,000 donors.

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