Museum of London Standing on the spot where history was made

The idea came to Alan Dye while he was gazing out of the window of the Museum of London and saw workmen eating their sandwiches beside the London Wall – the very spot where Roman centurions would have once taken their lunch break. NB turned the insight into an acclaimed multi-media experiential campaign: ‘You are here’.

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Destination branding
The opening of the Galleries of Modern London provided an opportunity to relaunch the revitalised Museum of London as a destination for Londoners and tourists. The Museum faced a particular obstacle: people couldn’t locate it! So, our campaign objectives were to raise profile, drive traffic and help people find their way there.

Living history
NB created a campaign that played on the thrill of standing on the spot where history was made. Our flexible idea – to place historic images from the Museum’s archive into their equivalent modern surroundings – had a powerful emotional effect, whether on press, posters or monoliths.


Years in the making

The new galleries told the story of the making of modern London.


London sites

A situational media campaign by NB that connected people to history through real-life imagery.


Upward surge

In visitor attendance.


Total visitors

Our campaign put the hard-to-find museum on the map.

Launch week saw a 600% uplift in visitors and total visitor numbers doubled for the following year. NB also had an idea for an iPhone app that showed historical images of London in context. This was subsequently developed as ‘Street Museum’.

“This campaign managed to tap into people’s feelings about our great city. It has helped re-position the Museum of London as a contemporary and truly world-class destination.”

Jack Lohman Director, Museum of London

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