GR8 People Bringing humanity to HR tech

NB’s brand positioning and identity refresh for GR8 People dared them to go against the grain in an undifferentiated category. We took the view that there’s nothing more fun than human beings and encouraged our client to breathe their distinctive personality into ‘Software as a Service’.

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GR8 People wanted to create a buzz. Their software was effortless but their over-complicated identity told a different story. We renamed their core product The Everyone Platform, then drove home its advantage with a new strategy and identity focussed on the way it makes people feel.

No-one in recruiting delivers a more seamless workflow than GR8 People – and that’s how their new brand feels. It’s witty too, mirroring the company’s culture. We worked with illustrators, including Mark Long, to add character and NB’s copywriting established them as the people’s brand.


Working days

The interval between briefing NB and the new identity going live online.


Post-pandemic upsurge

Our agile new identity is built for increased hiring activity in the new world of work.


At once

That’s how many software solutions the typical recruiter has to juggle.


For all

That’s the beauty of The Everyone Platform.

Despite an ocean between us, we work incredibly closely with our Philadelphia-based clients. Now in year two as brand guardians we’re doubling down on the ‘Everyone’ idea, dramatising the platform’s ability to attract, engage and hire every workforce type in a single solution.

“We LOVE the new branding – can’t thank you and your team enough.”

Diane Smith CEO, GR8 People

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