D&AD What could be harder than winning a pencil?

Designing the identity for a D&AD awards theme, that’s what. There’s no pressure quite like peer pressure, and D&AD’s audience, comprising the smartest creatives in the world, is notoriously tough to please. So, NB are delighted to have done the honours on several occasions.

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The D&AD Awards are recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade, entered and attended by the best from around the world. So when it comes to creating a theme for the world’s most critical audience, our preferred technique is a mixture of shock and awe.

The first time D&AD took over the Roundhouse, we invited the creative community using a pair of white-gloved hands as a motif for the preciousness of the work. The hands took on a life of their own in a daring live action film shot which we shot in a single take.



That’s the number of takes we permitted ourselves for the intricate performing hands shoot.



NB’s global placing in D&AD’s ranking of award-winning design agencies, 2019.



The number of D&AD awards in our boardroom. We may need a new shelving system.



The number of NB creatives who’ve had the privilege of judging the D&AD global awards.

“NB’s branding of the D&AD Awards Ceremony was simple, elegant and personable. Everything from the printed invitation to the screen graphics and table decor was on point and beautifully executed. NB always come up with the goods whilst being an absolute joy to work with.”

Holly Hall International Business Development Director, D&AD

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