Philharmonie Luxembourg A rhythmic identity that’s alive with music

The Philharmonie Luxembourg is a world class concert hall that hosts around 400 performances a year. Most Luxembourgers knew the iconic architecture from the outside but not the symphony of experiences within. To bring out the music, NB designed an identity that pulsates to the rhythm of live music.

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Our logo creates a connection between the building and the music played within. Working with a digital-first mindset enabled NB to depart from stuffy classical music in favour of a bold, dynamic, sensorial approach: a visual spectacle that brings to life the richness of each performance.

NB developed a bespoke generative logo animation tool in collaboration with creative coder Patrik Hübner. Using a combination of JavaScript, WebGL and Vue.js, the tool generates audio reactive wave patterns in response to sound. So, just like the Philharmonie, the adaptive logo is continually alive with music.


The uplift

Single ticket sales for season 22/23 are tracking better than pre-covid numbers.


Year on year

The uplift in single ticket sales for 22/23 compared with season 21/22.


Years old

The previous median age of concert goers to the Philharmonie Luxembourg.


Years old

“No numbers by age yet but by observation we can already tell we have recruited a younger audience.” Aliki Zachariadis

“NB Studio put music at the heart of every design detail and touchpoint. We have no doubts that this music reactive logo will become as iconic as our building.”

Aliki Zachariadis Head of Marketing & Digital Division, Philharmonie Luxembourg

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