Mindshare The brand that shares its mind

Mindshare partners some of the world’s biggest companies. But they were starting to look more like their clients than the global leaders in enhanced media services. So, they stepped outside the WPP Group to get NB to do their international rebrand.

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Mindshare had become a chameleon brand, taking on the traits of their clients in presentations. But their future success depends on leading multi-nationals into the future with supreme confidence. NB were appointed to create a significant shift in perception along with improved global consistency.

Our idea was to activate the Mindshare wordmark, enabling the brand name to open up and literally share. We created an adaptive identity that behaves the way Mindshare does – in perpetual motion, making things happen. We also made Mindshare’s all-enveloping purple feel more precious by applying it in moderation.



The identity has been applied across the entire Mindshare global network of 9,300 staff in 116 offices.


Billion dollar billlings

Mindshare is part of GroupM, the world‘s biggest network of media agencies in terms of billings (source: COMvergence 2020).


Expansion pack

We refreshed the refresh with an infinite number of identity permutations.


Global launch

The identity launched simultaneously in New York, London and Singapore in 2021.

The old paradigm in branding was rigid control. For Mindshare, we put a dynamic identity into the hands of thousands of users, empowering them to be their own brand managers. In our first wave as guardians, we delivered a full set of templates and storytelling assets. But more recently, we had the opportunity to refresh the refresh…

Brand management
Our second wave brief from Mindshare was to “Make it simple to implement but so exciting that marketing teams won’t be able to resist using it.” We’ve freshened up the kit of stuff Mindshare uses to build amazing presentations. Created by NB, the expansion pack for Mindshare’s identity 2.0 is out there now, stretching their brilliant brand even further.

“Our identity now puts our name in the heart of the conversation. It means we can connect more easily and more authentically with every client, person or topic in different and unique ways, enabling us to better communicate our approach to media services.”

Greg Brooks Global Chief Marketing and Culture Officer, Mindshare

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