The Kraken vs The World Wreaking havoc in the world’s greatest cities

On an international rampage, the Beast wreaks havoc in the world’s greatest cities. Ultra-specific yet endlessly flexible, the concept allows different markets to unleash their own, unique destruction with impactful activation at GTR.

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Kraken fans delight in the brand’s destructive persona and norm defying attitude. A GTR exclusive was an opportunity not just for a bigger bottle, but for a big concept that captured the attention of fans around the globe. Lunging at London and striking in Sydney, our destructive idea made the perilous journey from bottle to activation.

On each supersized 1L bottle, the Beast destroys a city’s beloved landmark. Working with original Kraken illustrator Steve Noble, the labels capture the devastation of Big Ben and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bespoke label shapes and embossed detailing create a luxurious experience.



Making The Kraken vs the World their own, and more to come…



That’s all it takes to destroy a city.

Activation was all about spreading the story with maximum menace. Using a half vapourized front page from The Beastly Times as a key visual, NB’s activation guide gave each market inspiration for telling the tale impactfully and adding value at POS.

“It was a pleasure to bring my home city of Sydney its very own Kraken Black Spiced Rum edition bottle”

Aaron Lay Regional Director, APAC & Subcontinent, Proximo Spirits

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