Chivas Regal Reclaiming the ‘Regal’

Chivas were considering dropping the word ‘Regal’ from their new 12-year-old bottles. The luxury whisky company had become uncomfortable with the word’s traditional associations. NB helped our clients reimagine regality for GenZ and together we created the ‘Street Regal’ brandworld.

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Street Regal
In an unconventional move, NB went to our long-standing client with a view on their direction of travel. We explored what Regal could mean to the young, high-achieving urban audience they were targeting. In particular, we were inspired by the way high fashion brands embrace the paradox of luxury in urban settings.

High and low codes
NB introduced a grittier aesthetic to capture the imagination of a new generation who break convention, clash the rules of lifestyle, and love unexpected collaborations. In the new order that we’ve imagined, anyone can be king or queen of their own domain. Think Beyoncé and Jay-Z – modern-day royalty.

Mood-based branding
NB made the case for using the Chivas brand emblem in a more relaxed way. No longer static and rigid, we liberated the Chivas identity to behave in the manner of a fashion house: involving AI in mixology and inviting rappers to make limited edition bottles.

A regal year for Chivas
Steered by NB’s examples, markets from Singapore to Mexico plunged into the new brandworld and made it their own, fusing the aesthetics of street and regal in a locally-credible way. Chivas hit a 10-year high with net sales of Chivas Regal up 25% in FY23.



Markets from Singapore to Mexico have plunged into NB’S new brandworld and made it their own.


Net sales uplift

Chivas Regal became the leading contributor to Pernod-Ricard Group growth in FY23.


Year-old whisky

Chivas were about to drop ‘Regal’ from this bottle, now it’s central to their brandworld.

“For Chivas, this is the time to be bold, to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, to take risks, to ignore the category and win in culture.”

Ann-Charlotte Dhoste Global Marketing Manager, Pernod Ricard

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