The Kraken Rum: Unknown Deep How we added depth to a legend

NB’s limited edition series takes consumers on a journey deeper into the ocean in search of new clues about the elusive Kraken and its mysterious existence. This isn’t just packaging design, it’s immersive storytelling, expressed through a 360° brandworld. The story begins 100m below the oceans surface, unearthing precious gold encrusted bottles bravely commandeered from the Kraken’s lair.

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Bespoke bottle design
Adorned with embossed tentacle detailing and stained by the Kraken’s black ink, NB’s bespoke limited edition bottle design pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in glass whilst delivering a commercially effective design versus its ceramic predecessor.

4000m down
For series two, we imprinted the packaging with traces of bioluminescence and worked with pointillist illustrator Lloyd Stratton – the overall effect shimmered with pearlescence. Throughout the series, NB developed imaginative storytelling to help the brand live off-pack, including animated social content bringing the true horror of the Kraken to life.

Film by COW PR. Created based on campaign concept by NB Studio.

11,000m down
Our third venture take us beyond human reach, where all that sinks comes to rest. Relics of vessels and their cargo, believed to have been hijacked by the Kraken, nestle amongst the oceanic trenches, shrouded by thick smoke from the seabed’s fiery vents. Consequences of exposure to the Beast remain unknown, but it seems these wrecks, and their bounty, glimmer brighter than ever, despite their ashen scars.


Sold out limited editions

With volume increases year on year.


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Bespoke designs

NB created the glass bottle design plus three bespoke pieces of gift packaging.

Film by COW PR. Created based on campaign concept by NB Studio.

“NB have been a pleasure to work with throughout this campaign. Creative design combined with practical implementation leaves them a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to working on future projects together.”

Niamh Ryan Brand Manager, EMEA APAC, Proximo Spirits

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