Vineyard Theatre Fearlessly made in New York

Vineyard has always pushed the boundaries of theatre. Every show opened to wide acclaim. Yet, there was little recognition of Vineyard’s role as the creative driving force. Our answer? Focus on makers and making to position Vineyard as the place where daring art is cultivated. Then embody it in an ever-changing logo.

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NB’s challenge: to overcome Vineyard’s low profile, a limiting factor on funding; to turn single ticket buyers into repeat purchasers; and to engage a more diverse community. Our strategy – ‘Fearlessly made in New York’ – puts makers and making centre-stage.

Conventional wisdom says brands ought to be consistent. NB’s ever-changing identity for Vineyard delights in breaking boundaries, just like the community it represents. In the wordmark, ‘Theatre’ is reinvented for every show. Every piece of type is designed by a New Yorker.

Our limited edition logos provide future opportunities to collaborate with talented New Yorkers and ensure that Vineyard’s identity remains rooted in local craft. If you’re a New York-based designer who’d like to put your typographic spin on a Vineyard logo, please get in touch at mail@nbstudio.co.uk

“This simple and compelling design system created by NB has allowed designers like myself to be bespoke, expressive, cogitative and evocative, aligning to the ideals of the theatre.” Eddie Opara, Partner, Pentagram NY


New York typefaces

We connected with local typographers and font foundries to develop the idea of a distinctly New York sense of community.


Pulitzer Prizes

5 Tony Awards, 23 Obie Awards and many more accolades. Vineyard’s shows are acclaimed. Now it’s time to position the Theatre as the place where daring art is made.


Grant award

New York State Council on the Arts says: "We commend Vineyard Theatre for their bold and inspirational project that will deliver the measurable benefits of the arts to New Yorkers and our visitors for generations to come.”

Our work repositions Vineyard among NYC’s most recognised and recognisable institutions. In June 2023, Vineyard was awarded a $4.5 million capital grant by the New York State Council on the Arts.

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