Petit Pli The expandable identity

Petit Pli reduces waste in the fashion industry, using aerospace engineering techniques to create clothes that grow with your child. We designed an identity inspired by the product’s expandable technology, together with a sustainable packaging solution that transforms a functional box into a wearable jetpack.

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Retail design by Landini Associates. Photography by Andrew Meredith.

In their first two years on earth, children grow by seven sizes – that’s a lot of discarded clothing that parents can avoid with Petit Pli. Our brief was to create a brand identity inspired by the product that would appeal to parents who feel passionately about sustainable brands.

NB’s logotype for Petit Pli faithfully represents the corrugated structure of the garments and the way they expand and contract. We went further, developing playful packaging that extends the life of the cardboard, transforming a functional box into something children can enjoy. The jetpack idea is a nod to the founder’s background.


Savings achieved

Versus the original target cost of the packaging.


Pencils awarded

For the branding and packaging at the 2019 D&AD Global Awards.



In carbon and water footprints by virtue of extending clothing life for up to 9 months.

“NB were perfect partners. Their logo explains the product innovation more eloquently than words. It animates beautifully and you’ll find it over the door at our flagship store in Battersea Power Station.”

Ryan Mario Yasin Founder and CEO, Petit Pli

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