Farmerline Wealth for every smallholder farmer

Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is a $400 billion industry where only 2% stays with the farmer. With the help of design, Farmerline, is re-writing the narrative and righting the injustice. NB developed the ‘Make More’ brand strategy and delivered it through a dynamic VI.

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The ascending identity
NB’s creative treatment was inspired by Farmerline’s scaling ambitions and promise of prosperity. We interpreted this through a bold typographic identity with an upward slant. It’s a brand that makes a bold statement on lorries driving through farmland and dynamically on the website, also designed and written by NB.

When farmers grow their wealth we feed our world
African tech enterprise Farmerline is on a mission to create lasting profits and impact in farmers’ lives. They’ve developed digital services around the smallholder to empower them with data. NB’s branding plays a critical role, enabling Farmerline to compete more effectively for talent, partners and investment.

$400 bn


Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is a $400 billion industry



Only 2% of the wealth generated by agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa stays with the farmer.



The vast majority of African smallholders can’t get credit; less than 30% can afford the agrochemicals their crops depend on; and 13% of produce is never sold. That’s why Farmerline delivers tailored financial services, affordable farm inputs and better access to markets.



Farmerline secured the Series A financing it was seeking in September 2022.

“We are changing our branding: we are saying the right things, doing the right things, and investors are paying attention. The effect of this project will be more resources, more revenue, more talent to achieve our goal of cultivating lasting profits for farmers and agribusinesses.”

Alloysius Attah Farmerline Co-Founder & CEO