Anna Money Everything a bank is not

Commercially, ANNA reinvented the category. It’s a hybrid digital assistant that helps with business admin, freeing up SMEs to do more of the things they love. Creatively, NB reinvented the visual language of financial brands with warmth and charm. We pioneered a space into which others have followed.

Running a business isn’t boring, but financial admin can be tedious. We wanted to inject more joy, so we asked ‘What does a friendly A.I assistant look like? Taking inspiration from doodles, we invited illustrator Alice Bowsher to be ANNAs ‘handwriting’ across the brand.

Anna’s emotional intelligence stood out in the congested fintech marketplace. And the warmth of the terracotta orange throughout the applications is in sharp contrast to the traditional cold blues of banks and corporations. The experience is peppered with moments of madness:  when you get paid a monkey appears.



The value of UK creative industries is huge yet ANNA was the first service dedicated to making running a creative business easier.



Funds raised after launch helped ANNA grow to include business bank accounts, invoicing software and small business accounting tools.



Within weeks of launch, ANNA cards were being used in 36 countries with transactions in 25 currencies.



An entire team of Eastern European digital developers hung out for months in our studio - an unconventional meeting of minds.

“Financial technology is a competitive, crowded and increasingly homogenised space. Working with NB we created a brand that stands apart, and an identity that will be a joy to work with as our business grows.”

Daljit Singh, Chief Design Officer