Refreshing the refresh

New work by NB for Mindshare and GR8 People illustrates our commitment to relationships and our belief in adaptive branding.

Branding is a living process. We believe the role of brand identity is to nourish the growth of the brand in the minds of your audience, who are continually responding to new forces in their lives.

That’s why the best brands flex and adapt: once you start a relationship with audiences, you need to keep creating and refreshing it. Guidelines are overrated. They mark the start, not the end of the process.

Even better second time around
Creating and maintaining a brand is like producing a magazine. You’ve got to get the look right. And the tone. And the feel. But, above all, it should leave you feeling better than you did before. That’s why The Economist and The New Yorker are so successful.

Brand identities need to re-edit themselves so that each new edition brings delight to their supporters. That’s what NB have been doing recently for Mindshare and GR8 People – refreshing our own refreshes to keep these brands one step ahead.

Mindshare 2.0 
First time around, we gave the WPP media giant an adaptive, elastic identity that behaves the way Mindshare does – in perpetual motion.

For the second wave, We created an expansion pack that added freshness, newness and wowness for the teams working with our fluid identity… and even more of the stuff their clients love.

“It just gets better and better!”
Leonie Knowles, Creative Director, Mindshare Worldwide.

GR8 People 2.0 
In phase one, NB dared GR8 People to go against the grain in an undifferentiated category, breathing their distinctive human personality into ‘Software as a Service’.

Now, in year two as brand guardians, we’re enriching their identity system by doubling down on ‘Everyone’ as a major communications theme.

“You’ve thrilled us all over again – we love it.”
Diane Smith, CEO, GR8 People

Branding never sleeps
NB’s dream is to create a brand that improves with experience. Of course, phase one is about having the imagination to plan and activate audacious internal and external launch programmes. But phases two, three, four and hopefully twenty-seven are about reaffirming your relationships with customers at every touchpoint. That’s where our clients realise the full value of their investment in our creativity.